For more than 45 years, we are used to supply our customers with high-quality laboratory products all over the world. It all started with a three-man business in 1972. The company has grown, nevertheless we kept all advantages of a small team: short ways, direct conversation and a cooperation between colleagues. We support you if you need standard products or want to carry out special applications and you do not know exactly what you need.


Our promise to you: we are your reliable partner for all your belongings and applications in your laboratory. We are searching globally to find any special niche product you need. Your satisfaction and long-lasting partnership are our motivation. We do what we do best: we care. We take care of your belongings enabling you to concentrate on your work.

Our Success Factors


Dynamic and increasingly complex markets as well as a constant change require dynamic solutions and rapid action. We are focused on adapting to your wishes and needs quickly and flexibly.


For more than 45 years, we work actively on the global market, have close connections to overseas and European manufacturers. We know our market very well, that’s why you can rely on our decade-long experience. Due to constantly changing customer needs, we are always up-to-date. Additionally, you benefit from our direct manufacturer


We attach great importance to long-lasting, honest partnerships and close customer relations. This is the basis of our company concept. Only if you are satisfied with our work and reliability in the long run, a proper customer relationship can arise. You don’t have to talk to a hotline but can directly reach our team via phone. We take our time for your concerns and are looking forward to advise you in a competent, targeted and practice-oriented way.

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